Lexology Getting The Deal Through – Mining 2023 – Tanzania

Lawfic team is excited to contribute to the Lexology – Getting The Deal Through – Mining Chapter for Tanzania in 2023. We hope you will enjoy the insights and knowledge contained herein.

The Link to the chapter : https://www.lexology.com/gtdt/tool/workareas/report/mining/chapter/tanzania

This Mining guide enables side-by-side comparison of local insights into mining industry issues, including industry overview; basis of legal, regulatory and resource/reserve reporting system; ownership and acquisition of mining rights and title; restrictions on foreign parties; state participation, expropriation and compensation mechanisms; duties, royalties and taxes, including stabilisation mechanisms; business structures; financing sources and security regime; restrictions on movement of goods, services, people and capital in connection with mining activities; environmental, closure and remediation, health and safety, labour, social and community, and international law issues; anti-bribery and corrupt practices; and recent trends.

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